CTA Solutions has over 20 years of Enterprise Information Technology and Systems Engineering delivery experience.  The firm’s initial focus was in the area of comprehensive Computer Security and Consulting services.  Over time, CTA Solutions has grown to become a multifaceted small business entity whose expertise is easily accessed by public and private sector decision makers alike.  Our knowledgeable staff provides a broad range of quality, cost-effective services.  These services include; Information Technology services, Systems Engineering and Integration, Network Security Consulting, Digital Forensic Services, and a comprehensive Information Assurance service which includes Disaster Recovery and Risk Management are also available.   We’ve delivered in most vertical markets and have a track record of delivering on time and within budget.  CTA Solutions employs innovative techniques to assist its clients in addressing complex business/mission and associated regulatory compliance requirements.  Throughout the entire acquisition process, sound business principles are utilized to plan, design, and deliver quality solutions.  These solutions are in accord with the enterprise’s architecture (EA), organizational philosophy and mission of each agency.  o:p>


CTA Solutions is a certified 8(a), SDB, DBE, and Veteran Owned business.  We currently hold a Top Secret Facilities Clearance.


Distinguishing Capability


CTA's distinguishing capability is its overall experience, understanding and knowledge of building strategic solutions with sound industry standards that addresses an agency’s business drivers. CTA provides a comprehensive understanding of emerging computing and network centric technologies and their innovative application to meet tactical challenges with strategic solutions. CTA is fully engaged in the development of next-generation system solutions to replace legacy system architectures with fully integrated, automated and data-driven enterprise architectures using a comprehensive approach.  Please download our copy of CTA Solutions Capabilities Statement.


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