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Our services include the following:


Portfolio/Program/Project Management

Our Portfolio Management solution offers senior decision makers a complete enterprise solution.  This solution leverages an integrated set of good practices and best-of-breed analysis tools that allow for the:

·         Selection of investments that have the greatest potential for tangible returns

·         Effective program planning and execution; to return the greatest possible value to the business while managing and minimizing risk to acceptable levels

·         Ongoing governance and active management of the portfolio to ensure the promised value is delivered

Delivering results on time and within budget requires a rare blend of leadership, task visualization, and attention to detail.  CTA Solutions concentrates on what’s important to our clients and delivering state-of-the-art solutions by understanding our client’s business or mission requirements, and needs.  Our focus starts at the top of our

organization; from our Managing Partner down to our program managers as well as our, systems and security engineers.

They know how to:

·         Identify and manage risks right from the start;

·         Define and manage project scope and resources;

·         Deliver project results on time and within budget;

·         Ensure deliverables meet or exceed client’s or task needs;

·         Deliver products of high quality; and

·         Deliver the benefits that justify your investment.

The CTA Solutions project management process supports the paradigm shift of comprehensive and complete life cycle requirements to ensure “cradle-to-grave” completion using Earned Value Management principles.  CTA Solutions employ PMBOK theory and best practices paired with hands-on, real-world knowledge and experience.


Information Technology and Systems Engineering Services


Our IT and Systems Engineering Service offerings support the full life-cycle of Enterprise Systems, Networks, and Application Integration.  CTA Solutions will help structure and guide the transformation of your organization into an agile, streamlined, customer- and partner focused business using Service Oriented Architectures and Business Process Management/Optimization techniques. They include:


·         Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Strategy and Planning

·         Enterprise Architecture Design

·         Architectural Proof of Concept

·         Infrastructure Design and Development

·         Enterprise Systems Integration

·         Enterprise Systems Management and Operations and Migration Support


CTA Solutions’ Systems Engineering Service offers a comprehensive life cycle management approach to all network-centric systems, applications and databases of all types from legacy customer applications to new web-based applications. As the business requirements and priorities change, CTA Solutions keeps the systems running, up-to-date and evolving over all phases of the life cycle:

  • Development and Integration
  • Ongoing Management and Operation
  • Major Enhancements
  • Retirement and Replacement

CTA Solutions provides many data and database services related to the user’s requirements, using Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework and good business practices.


CTA Solutions uses two major methodologies used to create a data model: the Entity-Relationship (ER) approach and the Object Role Modeling. The CTA Solutions approach to using these methodologies involves the following processes:

·         Data Modeling In the Context of Database Design


    1. Planning and analysis
    2. Conceptual design
    3. Logical design
    4. Physical design
    5. Implementation

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)


CTA Solutions provides a reliable and trusted way to ensure your enterprise infrastructure is being designed and developed with sound engineering practices to align with your mission.  CTA Solutions can help whether the requirements are driven by the dynamic environment in which the business operate, regulatory and mandated compliance, or higher guidance.

IV&V is not merely quality assurance.  As part of the IV&V process, CTA Solutions performs in-depth technical analyses of the product or service and the processes provided.  IV&V allows CTA Solutions to advise you when a problem begins to emerge so you can take corrective actions.  More importantly, while performing IV&V, CTA Solutions acts as an independent arm of the client without bias.  IV&V adds objectivity to the evaluation process and provides value-added analysis that validates success or re-alignment of milestones to achieve the desired results.
Other Professional Services
CTA Solutions offers an array of professional services. In the fields of software engineering, systems engineering, process reengineering, program management, system administration, quality assurance, and enterprise information assurance.
Information Assurance Consulting

And Services


CTA Solutions has created a comprehensive framework for the Information Assurance (IA) or security objectives of trustworthy computing utilizing the following tenants of security:  Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Non-Repudiation.  We ensure our solutions are secure by design, secure by default, secure in deployment and most importantly in operations.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

·         IA Strategic Planning

·         Security and privacy management

·         Risk management and governance

·         Security policies and practices

·         Information classification and management

·         Technical security controls

·         Application security controls

·         Security awareness and training

·         Physical and environmental controls

·         Incident management

·         Vulnerability management

·         Virus protection

·         Identity Management

·         Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

·         Network and Host-based Intrusion Detection

·         Building secure enterprise architectures (EA)

·         Designing defense in-depth strategies

·         Implementing comprehensive enterprise solutions and processes

·         Implementation of Public Key Infrastructure, Smart Card Authentication, Single Sign-on and Federated Identity Management

·         Development or evaluation of policies, procedures, standards and practices

·         Analysis of infrastructure protection

·         Education and training, disaster recovery, and computer incident response programs

·         Forensically-sound digital investigation using standard-based technology and processes

·         Coordinating the protection, detection, defense and recovery of critical systems

·         Development of comprehensive vulnerability lifecycle management processes and solutions

·         Security Certification and Accreditation (C&A) and FISMA, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance testing and security mapping.

 Other Professional Services                         



CTA Solutions offers an array of professional services. In the fields of software engineering, systems engineering, process reengineering, program management, system administration, quality assurance, and enterprise information assurance.

Program Management

·         The Acquisition Cycle

·         Proposal Development

·         Policy and Procedures Development

·         Proposal Management

·         Resource Allocation and Management

·         Contracts Management and Administration

·         Functional Acquisition Mgt. Analysis and Evaluation

·         Cost and Subcontracts Management


Systems Engineering

·         Requirements Development

·         Prototype Design Development

·         Requirements Analysis

·         Detailed Design

·         Software Coding Standards

·         Test Analysis

·         Process Definition

·         Test Document Development

·         Development of high-level

·         concept papers

·         Project Methodologies Development



Software Engineering

·         Requirements Analysis

·         Prototype Design

·         Prototype Development

·         Software Design

·         Software Development

·         Test Documentation

·         Development

·         Test Support

·         Software Documentation


Process Re-engineering

·         Process Definition

·         Process Mapping and Simulation

·         Workflow Analysis

·         Critical Path Analysis

·         Readiness Planning and Consensus Building

·         Organizations Development and/or

·         Restructuring

·         Policy and Regulatory Development

·         System-Wide Change Process

·         Organizational Impact Assessment

·         Improve Bottom-Line Results



Quality Assurance

·         Process Verification/Validation

·         Software Verification/Validation

·         Requirements Verification/Validation

·         Unit Level-System Level Testing

·         Code Inspection

·         QA Process Definition

·         Metric Collection and Evaluation

·         Documentation Verification/Validation


System Administration

·         System Upgrades

·         Hardware/Software Configuration changes

·         Shell Scripting and Patching

·         System/data backups and/or replication

·         Security Administration

·         Vulnerability Research

·         Policy and regulatory compliance

·         Performance Tuning

·         Build/maintain user accounts


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