The Streamline Acquisitions Advantage


The SBA 8(a) Streamline Acquisition Advantage Program


The SBA's 8(a) program is designed to help its participant firms, which have been certified as socially and economically disadvantaged by leveling the playing field through its business development process.  The 8(a) program is a nine-year process that firms are annually re-certified, the first 5 years are developing the businesses through set-a-sides which can be competitive or sole sources.  The 8(a) program offers many additional advantages to government Contract Officers as well. By allowing for sole source acquisition, even on major projects, the 8(a) program streamlines the competitive acquisition process. It allows Contracting Officers the discretion to define the scope of work and to hand pick the contractor to perform the work.


Prior to 8(a) certification, the contractor is required to provide the SBA with a detailed business plan that must be updated annually. Only those contractors that can document and demonstrate the viability of their organization are accepted into the program.


Once accepted, the contractor is subjected to a rigorous review of its ownership, daily management, operations, experience and financial status. Upon acceptance, each contractor is assigned North American Industrial Classification (NAIC) codes based on the qualifications and experience of the company and key personnel.


Performance of 8(a) contracts is then limited to those NAIC codes. As a company gains experience and expertise, it may request additional codes from the SBA based on documentation of this experience.


As an 8(a) Firm, CTA Solutions

  • Can pursue large sole-source procurements of up to $3 million dollars
  • Gains an additional SBA stamp of approval
  • Are able to engage in limited-competition opportunities in the government


What does it mean for you?


Working with CTA Solutions gives you the opportunity to establish a reliable relationship with us and develop valuable contracts.  As a small business, CTA Solutions can provide experienced, hands-on services from innovative consultants. CTA Solutions can help you reach your goals efficiently with intelligent and pragmatic solutions.

  •   SBA 8(a) allows for up to $3 million direct contract without competition

SBA Business Development Specialist: Mr. Christopher Jones, BDS

Phone: (202) 272-0357


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