About Us

CTA Solutions LLC is a small business specializing in high-technology systems integration, systems engineering, and Information Assurance support. CTA's corporate headquarters is located in Alexandria, Virginia in the suburb of Washington D.C. This location is in the nation's capitol, an area close to many of our clients and in the hub of the information technology scene.

Founded in 2004 by the Managing Partner, CTA Solutions, LLC began as Computer Technology Associates a sole proprietorship exercising the talents of the best and most motivated technical personnel staff in the technology field. Our goals from day one have been to:

·         Support large-scale, complex defense, non-defense, and commercial systems

·         Harness world-class systems and software disciplines imaginatively

·         Address a wide variety of defense missions

·         Support nationally important defense and non-defense agency staffs directly

Our engineering and technology activities include the development of complex systems, the installation of command and control assets, and the development and maintenance of sophisticated models. CTA is a leader in enterprise risk management and information assurance in more powerful, flexible, and survivable combinations. We apply the most advanced techniques in systems development and integration engineering, technical architectural design, networking and communications engineering, studies and analysis, modeling and simulation, office automation, and computer-aided instruction technology and information assurance to meet the needs of our clients. Much of this work involves harnessing the power of new and emerging technologies, such as the use of service oriented architectures (SOA) for systems development and integration where functionality is grouped around business processes and packaged as interoperable services which also allows different applications to exchange data as they participate in business processes.

From the strategic to the tactical, CTA Solutions is applying high technology from a wide variety of technical disciplines to effectively and efficiently support critical DOD and Federal programs. We are helping to transform today's technological vigor into innovative solutions and providing excellent opportunities for good jobs to help get America's economy back on track.


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