Mission Statement


In the fast-changing and highly competitive world in which our clients have many technical challenges and dilemmas, having a firm grasp of what we want to be (Vision), how we will get there (Mission), and what we value and believe (Promises) are important for long-term success. Fulfilling the promises we make to our clients, our employees, our business associates, our shareholders, and our communities will enable us to achieve our Vision and Mission.

Company Philosophy

CTA Solutions' corporate philosophy is to demand technical excellence in every company effort. This philosophy applies to all members and partners of the CTA Solutions family from our Managing Partner and Founder to engineers, analysts and technical support personnel. We are satisfied only when our clients agree with our assessment that technical excellence has been achieved with the delivered product. This is a demanding standard of performance, but it is one we live with every business day.

 CTA Solution recognizes that the market for providing high-technology and Information Assurance services are an open, multiple-source environment that weeds out less capable, lower quality suppliers. We welcome the discipline of the market because it invigorates performance and validates our commitment to excellence.

CTA Solutions carries out our company goals through several key operating principles:

Our technical staff is chosen from among those who have demonstrated technical excellence in their field
We actively involve our management staff in every program
We view ourselves as extensions of our clients organizations
We place a high premium on understanding our clients' requirements
These principles will help make CTA Solutions the company of tomorrow -- recognized as a leader and an innovator in our field.


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